Homework Policy

This year students may be recieving more homework than in third grade. It is important for students to complete all work on time. If students do not have completed work they will not get the full benefits of any discussions or questions regarding the topic. The 4M homework policy will also be implimented if work is incomplete.

4M Homework Policy

If homework is incomplete the student will walk to Ms. Mattes' desk, and pick up a homework slip from the folder labled "Homework Slips". The student will then fill out the slip which includes two parts. The top of the slip has the following information on it that the student will fill out:


Homework Assignment:

Date Due:

Reason for Incompletion:

Student Signature:

On the bottom of the homework slip it simply says "Homework" in bold letters. The student will fill out the top half, detach it, and turn it in to the teacher. The bottom half is kept and turned in attached to the homework once it is completed. If a child recieves three homework slips in a quarter, I will make a call home.