Monthly Newsletter

Happy October!

It is hard to believe that October is upon us already. But with the arrival of Fall comes many exciting learning opportunities for your children. Please check out this months activities below.

Field Trip

On Friday, October 9 students will be taking a field trip to the Morton Arboretum where they will learn about the chemical reactions that take place in leaves in order to make them change colors. Additionally, they will be collecting a variety of leaves which they will identify the following week in school using the library resources. The students will then make a leaf rubbing collage which will be displayed in the classroom for the rest of the fall.

Bake Sale

On October 16 Jefferson Elementary School will be having a bake sale during all lunch periods as well as after school from 3:00-4:00. All proceeds from the bake sale will be donated to Susan G. Komen's breast cancer reasearch fund. If you would still like to participate in the bake sale you may sign up until October 14, please see the schools website for more information as well as a sign up sheet ( ). Any student who participates in the bake sale will recieve 5 points extra credit.

Pumpkin Math

On Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29 students will be using real pumpkins to complete thier math lessons for the day. On Thursday the students will each be weighing thier pumpkins, then we will find the average weight of the pumpkins for the class. That night, I will cut open the pumpkins and take out the seeds inside. On Friday the students will re-weigh the pumpkins and find the new average. They will also be responsible for finding the range of pumpkin weights before and after the seeds are taken out, as well as the circumference of the pumpkin.

Halloween Parade

On Friday, October 29 students will have the opportunity to participate in Jefferson Elementary School's Halloween Parade. If you child wishes to participate in the parade they may, but please make sure their costume can be slipped on over the clothes they have worn for the day. If parents wish to observe the parade they may, but please arrive no earlier than 1:30pm, the parade will start around 1:45pm.